Monday, June 20, 2011

El Segundo Brewing – Home of Blue House Ales

Los Angeles hasn't been known for its craft beer scene, despite its fast-paced and creative residents. That may be coming to a halt, fortunately for us Southern Californians. One of the new up-and-comers is the El Segundo Brewing Company. We appreciate that they helping push the door wider for good craft beer in LA.

Their first beer available to the public was their Blue House Pale Ale. They say that although not over the top hoppy, the aroma from hops is still obvious in the beer and there is no mistake that this is pure west coast craft. It is intended to be a drinkable beer that will be liked by craft brew enthusiasts as well as being very accessible.

Blue House IPA is the second offering. It has a special malt that provides a maltiness that makes it a bit
more delicate than some contemporary IPAs for those who don't like the harsh hoppyness. The two sound dee-lish and they are making plenty of other styles of beer as they settle in. Try these guys at Taste of Brews!

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