Thursday, June 2, 2011

Black Market Brews

I am loving that there has been an exponential growth in available places to drink good beer within the past few years, as most of you agree. One place you should surely visit if you haven't is The Bottle Room. They often feature brews from Black Market Brewing Co, another contributor in our line-up as you could have guessed. 

I went with something different from what I'd usually lean towards, their Rye IPA. This gold medal winning beer doesn't have the aggressive hops that I tend to avoid (just not my preference!) and instead has a smooth softness. Another added dimension in this IPA is the dry spiciness thanks to the rye. Rye as in whiskey; maybe that makes for a better flavor "visual". It is most definitely an IPA, but the sweet-n-spicy profile balances against the sharp piney hops. Writing this post is actually making me crave one badly and asap... I really enjoyed this beer and was glad I stepped out of my stout-box.  You all will get to see them at Taste of Brews on August 20th fortunately!

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