Friday, May 3, 2013

Taste of Brews IE Road Trip Part III; Riverside…the IE Launch Pad!

Riverside holds a special place in our expanding event portfolio since this was our first location in the Inland Empire and Taste of Brews was well-received by the community.  We hope to grow the event and turn it into one of the best annual craft beer festivals in Southern California, but not without the support and participation of all the great IE craft breweries like:

Packinghouse Brewery since without them we may never have staged an event in the Inland Empire.  We met PB’s Scot Koury at our first event in Long Beach and he’s attended each one since.  Scot suggested we expand to the IE, chauffeured us to several potential locations and aggressively promoted the concept of Taste of Brews IE every chance he had.  So now it’s essential that we stop by on every trip and refill the office growler.  The tasting room has expanded and now includes a flat screen and more seating, which makes sampling their quiver all the more delightful.  We tried several brews including the famous Riley's Irish red, the cream stout and the Sunburst Blonde Ale; leaving with a growler of the latter.  PB’s distribution is growing in leaps and bounds, thanks largely to Scot.  So whether you drop by after work or attend one of their many outstanding events like the Riverside Air Show, Packinghouse is a must stop on your IE itinerary!  Our team can’t wait to sample their latest IPA at White Park.

The most recent brewery to commit to Taste of Brews is also one of the Inland Empire’s latest additions.  Some of you may know Area 51 an Air Force installation in Southern Nevada that is the subject of myriad UFO conspiracy theories regarding alien life forms.  The all new Area51 Craft Brewery in Riverside has embraced the alien theme and taken it to a whole new level with its Alien Head beer.  They opened earlier this year in February and are experiencing a lot of buzz.  Founder Mike Hawkins gave us this insight, “Earthly beers are brewed in somewhat similar ways and have a common process.  Alien Head Beer is actually brewed in a special process that is unlike other breweries and delivers a taste that is out of this world!”  We stopped by the brewery recently to hang our poster and drop off collateral materials.  We met Mike and his marketing team then had a quick tour or the brewery (really quick since it’s only 1200 square feet).  Among the beers on tap are the Blonde Alien (American Ale), Planet Red (Red Hefeweizen) and their Alien Head (Imperial IPA); two of which they are pouring at our event.  The Taste of Brews’ crew is looking forward to hosting their out-of-this-world beer at our upcoming event and we wish them good luck.