Friday, June 24, 2011

Lindemans/Mikes Bday

Sunday is our boss' birthday so we're decorating while he's gone and we just finished making a disaster out of his office. Confetti EVERYWHERE. Ha he actually just parked and is walking up, HA! Well, needless to say we got him some yummy Lindemans raspberry framboise to celebrate with. I'll finish this up after the surprise....


Ok I'm back, mission accomplished. The first thing he noticed was the tinsel that got stuck in his air purifier that was making funny noises. We enjoyed the Lindemans inside the office and let me tell you, it really satisfied. Also from previous experience, if you want to up the ante, mix in a chocolate stout. The fruity acidity contrasts with the smooth chocolaty feel creating a delectable dessert in a glass. Thanks for helping us celebrate, Lindemans!

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