Friday, March 23, 2012

The Bruery

One Friday afternoon, we were doing our typical "research"on beer related news when my supervisor was awe-struck by a beer. It was called Chocosaurus Rye. As two chicks who try to defy the gender related stereotypes we are faced with concerning beer, we just can't deny the love we have for chocolate. So from that very moment, those darn cravings (induced by the idea of both chocolate AND beer) came in waves. Shortly after we left, and on a mission.

I've been to The Bruery Provisions before, but have yet to visit their actual tasting room. This (every?) Friday night was poppin' so we waited in a line that wrapped around the outside with great anticipation. Upon arrival we quickly ordered our first round without hesitation. Chocosaurus Rye and Humulus Lager with Ginger to share. So here's the rundown.

Chocosaurus Rye is a union of The Bruery and Bootlegger's two styles: a dark rye lager that was finished with cacao nibs and vanilla beans. It poured a very dark brown with a bit of a velvety consistency. A frothy head was quick to form, and even more quick to recede to light lacing around the glass. You'll get a whiff of fresh vanilla beans and bitter bakers chocolate, rounded out with boozy notes keeping it from smelling like a milkshake. Taste-wise, this beer had duel personalities. It was much more rich and smooth with a chocolaty opening when we first got it As it slowly warmed the grains took the spotlight which took away some of the richness.

Simultaneously we enjoyed the Humulus Lager with Ginger. It poured a pretty pale golden yellow with a finger of fluffy head that left some frothy lacing sticking to the glass. I loved the smell of this beer. It had a nice piney floral scent upfront with citrusy, malty sweetness, and hints of booze. The taste very much reflected the smell. Even though it's a lager, I believe the ginger gave it an almost IPA-like flavor profile. It had a nice piney hoppy punch that was well balanced with caramel maltyness and earthy accents. As someone who loves ginger almost as much as I love chocolate, I would have liked it to be at the point where it'd be overpowering to most. But it was a mild accent. I'll take what I can get, I still loved this beer.

Our second round consisted of BeRazzled and White Oak. BeRazzled is a sassy lil' sour that tasted like raspberry jam. White Oak tasted like it would be the offspring of a Barleywine and a Tripel. Fruit and zest from the Tripel's characteristics mixed with the warmth and booze from the Barleywine's.

As you can tell I'm trying to cut my beer rambling short, but that also can be blamed on the fact that with each beer my memory was cutting short as well. I won't even get into the rest of our night. But we would like to thank The Bruery for the good times and the good beers they provided us.

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