Monday, August 1, 2011

Sam Adams

Sam Adams is the latest to sign on to Taste of Brews. My mother was excited to hear this since she always has a Sams Adam variety pack at home, which I am quite thankful for might I add. My favs from this pack are the Rustic Saison and the Summer Ale. I try to claim these before she does, and sometimes I share.

The thing I like about Sam Adams is despite their size and popularity, they don't stray from their roots and continue to make good beer that is widely accessible. While Samuel Adams is the country’s largest-selling craft beer, it accounts for just under one percent of the U.S. beer market. Besides their permanent product line, they make unique specialty brews like their Chocolate Chili Bock and Maple Pecan Porter for those who like to venture off the beaten path.

Samuel Adams keeps their fans involved with their annual Beer Lover's Choice where enthusiasts taste from new beer styles and vote for their favorites, that will then be put into their rotation. Even more interactive is their Longshot Home Brewers Contest, where entrants are encouraged to incorporate unusual and unique ingredients into their recipes. The winners are heavily rewarded by having their recipe distributed in Sam Adams' beloved variety packs. Some of the winners have even gone off to become professional brewers turning their homebrewing hobby into a career.

As you can see, Samuel Adams has a deep passion for craft brewing and sustaining its culture. They encourage its growth and have done a great job on widening the the world of craft beer.

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