Friday, July 22, 2011

Alaskan Brewery

I'm just gonna get straight to it. Alaskan Brewery was a great smoked porter. It  pours nearly black with a mocha brown head that fades quickly to a small cap in the glass. The aroma is pretty incredible, smoked wood dominates the smell but gives way to coffee grounds, chocolate, and molasses. It reminds me of summer beach bonfires. The smoke taste is a little more like a rauchbier. Hickory smoke flavor with some bitter chocolate notes. Hops are even slightly present. With all of that going on it still has a mild sweet finish, without any aspect overwhelming another. With its smooth and smokey finis, its a very drinkable beer and I had no issue of polishing off the bottle myself.

They recommend "Alaskan Smoked Porter may be enjoyed with smoked seafood, cheese and other robust foods and as an after-dinner drink. It pairs beautifully with everything from bleu cheese to vanilla ice cream and raspberries. This unique beer is also a wonderful flavoring ingredient in sauces, seafood dishes and even cheesecake." I highly recommend doing one of the pairings or just sip one all by its lonesome, it'll be great whatever you do.

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